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Become A Unique And Highly Profitable Company

Shimada Electric Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a Japanese founded enterprise established in Shanghai, China, funded by Shimada Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. of Japan, which is as professional as mainly produce "Customized elevator human-machine interface (HMI) equipment".

Since its establishment in 1949, Shimada Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. has consistently manufactured customized products for elevators. With the development of urbanization and globalization in postwar Japan, the company also grows with the development of elevator manufacturers, and builds trust in the market by accumulating various experiences and practical achievements. We will continue to use our years of experience to keep pace with the times and respond to market changes flexibly with new ideas. As a challenging enterprise, it continuously challenges new fields.
In addition, based on the basic concept of "without the growth of employees,the company will not grow", we will work together with our employees to deal with new, difficult and interesting things. While firmly fulfilling its role and responsibilities as a manufacturing company of custom design products, we will continue to evolve the characteristics of Shimada Electric Machinery Co., Ltd. and strive to become a unique and highly profitable excellent company. I hope I can get your support and guidance in the future.          

General manager  Shimada Masataka

Company Profile

Corporate name           

Shimada Electric Manufacturing(Shanghai) Co., Ltd

Corporate representative

Shimada Masataka

Business address

Ground floor, building 2, No. 999, SONGHUANG Road, Qingpu Industrial Park, Shanghai, China

Tel:021-5986-7778  Fax:021-5986-7779

Establishment time

November 22, 2008

Registered capital

95 million dollars

Business description

The design, development, manufacture and sale of elevator's human-machine interface(HMI) equipment

Member of staff

50 persons


Obtained ISO9001:2015 certification in 2016


A kind of pull-down elevator car ceiling lamp No. 9934636 date of entry: January 14, 2020

A light guide plate arrival lamp No. 10089164 date of entry: February 21, 2020

A screwless arrival light No. 10096201 date of entry: February 21, 2020

No. 10090722 ceiling light of a light guide plate elevator car registration date: February 21, 2020

No. 10089197 of ceiling light of an open elevator car date of entry: February 21, 2020

Registration of trademarks

Enterprise trademark「」 Trademark registration completed

Enterprise brand "shimax" trademark registration No. 6193547, registered on November 1, 2019            

Button Chan Trademark Registration No. 6206175 registered on December 13,2019            

Button Chan threedimensional Trademark Registration No. 6227648, registered on February 19, 2020

Main customers (In order of alphabetical)

Fujitec Elevator

Hitachi Elevator Group

KONE Elevator

Mitsubishi Elevator Group

Otis Elevator Group

Schindler Elevator

Toshiba Elevator

Xizi Elevator Group


Shimada Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd (Japan Head Office)

Company Location

History Of Shimada Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

It started in a small townfactory and grew up in the historical background of Japan.

The history of Shimada Electric Manufacturing started in 1933 before World War II, in Shirogane, Minato-ku, Tokyo, as a small town factory that manufactured machine parts. There is no clear record of this, but we have been involved in elevator-related parts since the beginning of the company.


In 1939, the company moved to Karasuyama, Setagaya-ku,Tokyo, to expand the scale of its business, and in 1949, after the war, the company was established as a joint-stock company, laying the foundation for the company today.


During that time, we have overcome various hardships and accumulated experience in the context of the post-war reconstruction of Japan, the period of high growth, the oil shock, the bubble economy, and other major periods.


As Japanese architecture has become more skyscraper,the demand for individuality and design has grown, and we have responded to these diverse demands by becoming the custom-made, made-to-order company we are today.


In 2007, while Japanese elevator manufacturers were expanding overseas, we also expanded into Shanghai, China.


In February 2013, we moved our head office and plant from Setagaya to Hachioji to strengthen our management base and continue to grow sustainably.

Historical Evolution


Foundedin SHIROGANECHOU, Tokyo Minato-ku Area, started to produce elevator parts. 

The entrepreneur is Shimada Ariaki.


Due to the continuous expansion of business scale, it moved to KITA KARASUYAMA, SETAGAYAKU district.


The name of the company was changed to Shimada Electric Manufacturing Co., Ltd. Mainly supply to Otis Elevator and Mitsubishi Electric.


Started to supply Hitachi Elevator, Hitachi became the main customer.


Uchihara Electric Manufacturing Founded in Mito City, Ibaraki Province.


The whole society has carried out ISO training and carried out work in full accordance with ISO process, and the internal management and product quality have been significantly improved.Shimada Electric Manufacturing Institute has successfully obtained ISO9001:2000 certification.


Start to cooperate with Toshiba, Otis Elevator, Mitsubishi Electric and other major elevator manufacturers in Japan.


Set up a representative office in Shanghai,China.


Establish Shimada Electric Manufacturing(Shanghai) Co.,Ltd. in Shanghai, China. 

For the first time in Beijing, China to participate in the International Elevator Exhibition, the company's progressive product design and high quality shocked the Chinese elevator market.


Shimada Electric Manufacturing (Shanghai)Co., Ltd. purchased the processing center to realize the independent production of acrylic parts.


Taking part in the International Elevator Exhibition in Beijing, China, has attracted the cooperation intention of major elevator companies and carried out cooperation business after that.


Taking part in the International ElevatorExhibition in Guangzhou, China, the unique product design and quality consolidated the high-end brand market position of Shimada.


Japan's head office moved to a new location. 

Mr. Shimada became the president of Japan'shead office and also continuation the general manager of company in Shanghai.


Set up Shimada Electric Manufacturing(Guangzhou) office in Guangzhou, China. 

The company's products are applied to Guangzhou East Tower project, which uses the highest speed elevator of Hitachi Elevator for 20 meters / second.

And started to develop wall mounted products with all-round way that customers can use them more easily.


The whole society carried out ISO training and carried out work in full accordance with the ISO process. The internal management and product quality reached a new level. Shanghai company successfully obtained ISO9001:2015 certification. 

Attend the International Elevator Exhibition in Shanghai, China.   

The company's products are applied to the Shanghai center Building project, which uses the fastest lift of the lift of Shanghai MITSUBISHI 18 meters / sec.


The independent manufacturing line for supply Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator began to operate.


The production space has been expanded, the product exhibition hall has been enriched and optimized, and the new office space has been put into use. The company is completely new.           

Not only Mitsubishi and Hitachi Elevator,KONE, Schindler, Otis and other major elevator companies have established stable cooperative relations with our company.

“SHIMAX”, the Shimada’s sub-brand, has been officially established.           

The name of Brand’s mascot "ButtonChan" was published.


We will attend International Elevator Exhibition in Shanghai, China.

Enterprise Philosophy Policy


As a professional manufacturer of elevator furniture, we do our best to solve customers' expectations, requirements and problems.

In addition, the development of cities around the world and their high level of development contribute to the production of artisanal products.


Difficult is new, so it's interesting.


■ Enterprise Engagements

As a company, Shimada Electric Manufacturing has the following 4 important values to consistently adhere to.

【To Employees】

-Your challenge is to be fully supported.

-Make it a place worth your life's work.

【To Customers】

-To act beyond expectations and create value

-Whether it's a difficult or new problem, it's a constant challenge

Staff Engagement

As a Shimada Electric Manufacturing employee, the following 4 points are very important to put into action on a daily basis

【Growth】Growing up makes you rich

Let's always challenge ourselves and get over where weare now. Not only will you be able to do what you can't do (technical growth),but as you grow, you will be able to take on more responsibility, be trusted by others, and be entrusted with your work. Think and act on your own growth, the growth of your people, and the growth of your company.


【Be Creative】Work creatively to make yourselfattractive

Instead of doing the same thing in the same way and with the same ideas, let's think and try new ideas.


【Professionalism】Doing your best work as aprofessional

Be confident and proud of your work and take responsibility for it. Be the hardest on yourself and be the hardest on everything you do to achieve your goals.


【Teamwork】Get the most out of your team

Always work as a team to figure out the best way to achieve your goals. Let's create new results from the perspective of a team that can't do it individually. Even the limited power of an individual can beinfinitely expanded by teamwork.


■ Business Policy

-Enhance our company's presence in the world elevator market.

-Global No.1 company, aiming for 100 years of business.

■ Quality Policy

-Capturing market changes, customer needs and providing the best products, events, services.

-Continuous efforts to improve the quality of work and enhance customer trust.

■ Educational Approach

-Companies where employees can't grow can't grow.

-Educating and empowering people as social, corporate and Shimada people.


■ "The Only One Company" Recognized Worldwide

■ Businesses where employees have pride in their work.