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Craftsmanship With A Heart

Our products are made-to-order, not standard products.

In order to realize the various requirements of a building or building concept, not only the technical skills but also the awareness (mind) of each worker is very important. In our custom-made manufacturing, we cannot make "better products" without the attitude (heart) to strive to meet the customer's requirements. We do not just make things, we make things to solve our customers' problems.

One-Stop Production System

We have a professional production system and work environment that is consistent from development and design to manufacturing, assembly and inspection. Our integrated in-house production allows all processes to work together to achieve one-stop manufacturing with no waste. For example, we have an organizational structure and a corporate culturethat allows each employee to take the initiative in improving quality, reducing costs, and responding to short delivery times, while promoting internal improvement activities with a sense of urgency, such as giving feedback to the design on the spot in pursuit of ease of manufacturing, checking the availability of each part in advance, and flexibly replacing each process according to the shipping date. In addition, we have established cooperative relationships with specialized manufacturers in various fields within the elevator industry, which allows us to conduct more optimal manufacturing,including external production as well as in-house production.

Professional Inquisitiveness

We are aware of our responsibility as aprofessional manufacturer and always try to be inventive as a professional.

We find it rewarding to work while finding the best way to create custom-made products that are different from mass-produced products.

In addition to these daily work improvements, we also develop our own parts and products to continually raiseour professionalism.

Organization Chart

Equipment List

Laser Machine

Bending Machine

Argon Arc Welding Machine

Wire Drawing Machine

Nail Planting Machine

Bench Drilling Machine

Sawing Machine

Machining Center

Sand Blasting Machine

Polishing Machine

Anti Static Room For LED

3D Printer (Head Office)