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Design Equipment

Our products have excellent design and functions,which can meet the high quality standards required by buildings and elevators.           

Considering the durability and maintainability of the elevator, the product can be used stably for a long time.

Hall Lantern

This is an elevator arrival light that can be installed in the elevator hall.

They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from small objects as small as 100 mm to large objects over 3 meters in length.Although LED is used as the light source, we have made various efforts to reduce the number of LED's as much as possible in order to make the entire area of the acrylic light uniformly.

Hall Button

This is the push button to call the elevator.

The shape of the button (acrylic) is generally round or square, and the size is generally 35mm. You can choose the typeface of arrows, numbers, marks, etc. that appear on the buttons.


This is a floor indicator light that indicates the floor on which the elevator is located.

Products come in vertical, horizontal, and clock shapes, and there are also display methods such as an analog type that uses LEDs to light acrylic and a digital type that uses an electronic substrate.

Elevator Operation Buttons

This is an operation panel located in the elevator cage.

They come in a variety of designs, sizes and mechanisms, including stainless steel and acrylic ones.

Original Product

Our original products are introduced at “SHIMAX” page.

LED Development

Development of the best LED for the application

The required characteristics of LEDs vary depending on where they are used and how they are used. We have a lineup of LEDs that are best suited for elevators and elevators with a firm understanding of the location, application, and function required, and are focused on illuminance,electric capacity, color temperature, and even how they glow. In addition, we will continue to make proposals for improved functionality and cost reductionby upgrading LED elements and other components as they evolve.


Custom-ordered products with a high degree of design, using technology developed in the elevator

Taking advantage of our strength as a custom-made manufacturing company, we can produce a variety of custom-made products according to your needs. In particular, we produce original products with a high level of design for architectural interiors, such as lighting fixtures,push buttons, and signage lights using acrylic, stainless steel, and LEDs, in small lots.

Door Frame

An entrance/exit frame installed in an elevator hall.

Design Sheet Metal Products

Various processed products using stainless steel.

Lighting And Signage Indicator Lights

We produce special products with a sense of dignity by applying our processing technology for elevator arrival lights.